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Canary Wharf WC Construction

Location - Cabot Place, Canary Wharf, London

Job Description - Toilet block construction

Sub-contracting to London based electrical consulting, design and installation company Proton Technical Solutions Ltd, West Group Technical Services Ltd were awarded the contract to carry out the installation of electrical containment, 3 phase electrical distribution equipment, wiring and installation of electrical equipment in a new construction WC facility at Cabot Place, Canary Wharf, London.

Specification was to provide the highest of standards available, top-quality installation methods and materials had to be used. With audits being carried out at every stage of the installation, we were required to keep on top of the programme of works and the quality of the installation to ensure that snagging from clerk of works was kept to a minimum. Full containment systems of cable tray, trunking and conduit system were required throughout the 480m2 site for electrical wiring to be installed to every area. Wiring to all electrical accessories including lighting, auto flush systems, auto tap power supplies, hand dryers, general power circuits, advertisement back lighting and rooftop heating and ventilation air handling units required.

Design specifications for these circuits were generally completed before commencing works from the project management team at Proton Technical Solutions Ltd. Working closely from the drawings supplied and showing the lack of space that would be above the ceilings on finishing the project, the West Group Technical team installed all systems and requirements to exact specifications and measurements set out from Proton. All services fitting in the ceiling space without design at this detail would not have been possible on a job at this scale. Requirements for sprinkler system pipework, electrical containment, ventilation duct work, plumbing pipework and heating systems pipework was all accounted for which really made an easy install when carrying out works.

The lighting on this job was one of the main features of all areas with every linear ceiling light being installed to provide continuity in design as you walked throughout the toilet facilities, to line up with the neighbouring lights and at the same time provide adequate lighting to all areas.

West Group Technical Services Ltd. started works on site for this project at the end of March 2017 and completed works at the end of June 2017, giving an installation time of 14 weeks. Thorough pre-planning, a carefully selected professional and experienced team with detailed project management by Proton Technical Solutions Ltd ensured this project ran smoothly and on target.


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