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Defibrillator Install - Strathblane

West Group Technical Services have been out and about in the community again offering their professional services, free of charge, to help the whole community gain access to essential and lifesaving equipment by installing a defibrillator cabinet free of charge for the village to access 24 hours a day.

The defibrillator cabinet requires a small trickle charge of electricity which keeps the defibrillator battery cool during summer months and warm during cold spells.


For many years, Trossachs Search & Rescue, and the whole community of Strathblane and Blanefield have been trying to gain permission to add an external cabinet to the outside of the Coop in Strathblane, to no avail. On many occasions, the supermarket was contacted to see if permission could be granted and repeatedly the village was told it was 'against company policy' and that this was not possible.


Greens of Strathblane then took ownership of the shop and were only too delighted to be able to be assist in the community in accessing the defibrillator 24 hours a day and remove the restriction of it only being accessible during shop opening hours. It was to be kept indoors but not all cardiac arrests can happen during the hours of 7am and 10pm!


West Group Technical Services stepped in to help in this community project and teamed with Trossachs Search & Rescue Team who accessed the cabinet and Greens of Strathblane for not only giving permission for a defibrillator cabinet to be installed on the outside of their building, but for also giving a generous donation of £600 towards payment of the cabinet.


The importance of having AEDs (Automated External Defibrillators) accessible to those experiencing sudden cardiac arrest, will bring huge reassurance, particularly to the residents of Strathblane, that this machine now offers.


If you would like to improve your community and would like to find out more about installing a defibrillator cabinet, please contact to discuss a free installation (where possible) and advice.

  • Pictured are Hannah Littler (Manager, Greens)

  • Kate Lyon (Treasurer, Trossachs Search & Rescue)

  • Jack Lyon (Owner, West Group Technical Services)

If you wish to make a donation to Trossachs Search & Rescue to help with the charity work they undertake 24 hours a day, no matter how small, please see their JustGiving page here >


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