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Fire Damaged Building Restoration

Location - 1 Fraser Road, Livingston

Job Description – Restore fire damaged building

West Group Technical Services Ltd were awarded the contract at 1 Fraser Road to carry out the strip out of existing redundant equipment, installation of 3 phase electrical distribution equipment, three phase and single-phase circuits, intruder alarm system and the commissioning of the fire alarm system.

This building was severely fire damaged and required urgent attention to the fabric of the building and the services it included. West Group Technical Services Ltd worked closely with AGM Group Limited on this project and started on the basics with the design and planning stages taking place in the early days of January 2020. As the West Group Technical team worked through the electrical strip out with AGM Group’s in-house workforce, Managing Director Jack Lyon worked through the designs of the electrical distribution equipment and circuits required by the building landlord. The building required multiple three phase sub-mains supplies from the main incomers switch room to designated distribution equipment for 6 separate areas of the buildings warehouse, office levels and loading bays. Multiple circuits from 18-way to 36-way distribution board supplied lighting, power, ventilation, heating and security equipment throughout.

The spec for this project was a high and reliable standard with scope of works to have an autonomous building that did not require human input for lighting, power or heating systems. Lighting systems were all switched via movement and presence detection sensors to office and common areas, external lighting was controlled via dusk/dawn sensors with contactor switching. Power to office and common areas were all installed using ELECTRAK floor boxes with CAT6 wiring back to the main data panels. Heating was controlled via individual area atmospheric control modules to ensure heating and humidity levels were regulated to a set programme.

The testing, inspection and certification of the electrical system was carried out by a West Group Technical Services Ltd approved electrician and a NICEIC approved contractor electrical installation certificate was issued and provided to AGM Group management, Landlord’s agent and building control.

The intruder alarm system was specified to the insurance company’s recommendations of Grade 3 and required security to all entrance doors to the building, PIR detection of all open areas and hallways, high pitch sounders within all offices, open areas and reception areas, bell boxes were installed on external walls providing high pitch siren and flashing beacons. Commissioning was carried out on the system with parameters and access passwords being programmed to the customer’s requirements.

Commissioning of the fire alarm was carried out on an existing addressable fire alarm system to ensure compliance with current regulations to level L1.

Smoke detectors were installed in all areas and all circulation spaces of the building.

West Group Technical Services Ltd. complete works on site at the end of March 2020, giving an installation time of 12 weeks. This could not have been done without the long hour shifts of the West Group Technical employees and the “on the ball” style management from AGM Group Limited.

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